With the premise of contributing to the national economic development, through integration to the productive and management process, PRAREX INTíL LTD. participates generating true investment opportunities, workmanship sources, incorporating technologies and developing natural resources.

The activity carried out in this area is backed up by our experience in the development of investment projects in infrastructure and the execution of important mechanic, electric, road, civil work.

This area includes:

Integral Technical Consultation: analysis and evaluation of the companyís present situation,feasibility studies which contain technical, economic, financial, administrative, commercial aspects etc, design of basic and detailed projects.
Implement, administration, follow-up and examination of projects.
Detection of diversification and expansion opportunities,permanent re-definition of new business areas
Specialization Consultation in the following fields: electric energy, gas pipes, oil and communications
Coordination and supervision of buildings, reception, technical assistance and start up
Design and implement of market studies and commercialization and distribution systems.
Systems development with intensive use of both workmanship and machinery.
Promotion of small and medium companies.
Analysis of economic opportunity and strategic planning for the creation of joint ventures, in our specialization areas.
Coordination and supervision of interdisciplinary and interindustrial investigation and development projects.
Advice in privatization processes and reconversion of State companies.
Organization of activities based on dynamic competitive strategies.
Temporary or permanent assistance in the general management of the company.
Within this area there is a division specialized in N. G. V which consists of:
  Provision of equipment.
Project development, analysis of investment return.
Civil, electromechanic, metallurgic work.