When we decided on the creation of Prarex, in the late 80s, we did it upon the perception that the world was preparing itself to plunge into a transformation of its political, economic and social structures.
The organisations on which the development of the world and people depended until that time, were suffering more and more frequent crises and new logistic and methodological requirements arose which they could not satisfy.

In the presence of the evolution of human thought towards a global vision, strategists and analysts understood that the market and free enterprises should take the place left by the structures which were collapsing. Market economy was severely challenged and at risk.

In order to satisfy the demand, new and bigger structures were growing and a completely new process started, without any precedent in history, of concentration of people and assets under one single organisation, which brought about fresh challenges and problems.

This was the answer to a new need of man and the movement we saw was the effort that companies and the market made to adapt themselves to the new situation.
The recent structures gained unimaginable value in their books, had quantities of resources which had never been considered before at their disposal, bureaucratic organization charts, which were difficult to run, originated, they had a global presence in places they had never thought of before, but they were losing flexibility, efficiency, time and they were no longer able to face the constant change of context. In contrast with the gurus' predictions and management schools pointed as management exercise which also imposed the tendency to grow bigger and bigger, we understood that it was the moment to have a multidisciplinary, innovative, flexible organisation which could easily adapt to the new reality.

Units of action had to be created which interpreted the different situations depending on the place where action had to be taken considering that globalisation is not uniformity.
The perspective towards a globalizing state of thought with the pure human necessities from contingency was the challenge, and we had to act with the elements the environment granted.
The religious, cultural, linguistic attributes of each society are barriers at the moment of acting if you are not able to generate actions accordingly which can be interpreted by the people who work in the market where you are trying to act.

There are not universally valid strategies, what works in a place does not necessarily work in another place or market. Not even within the same country with identical legislation.
Based on this concept and contrary to the corporative tendency of controlling business units more and more and putting them under a single rigid control of management far from reality, we understood that we should constitute a unit of action which would be able to develop strategies, put them at work adapted to the environment in a quick and efficient way, according to the objective intended.

It was necessary to think differently, joining needs and objectives of the great structures and the demands of the market and making it possible to overcome the difficulties and fears that the new bureaucracies were imposing on themselves to preserve their lives.
We created legal, financial, economic and managing solutions that allowed us to develop investment projects with the risk set and that could be assimilated by the credit entities and the market.

We innovated in the use of tools and existing intangible products and we used them adequately to satisfy the needs and requirements of the actors involved. We acted on the organizational side with strategic alliances with sophisticated groups which understand the requirements of each market.
That is how we became a tool which is capable of thinking, organizing and developing an action in an efficient manner.

At the moment of planning the introduction in a new market, the development of your business to realities which differ from the ones you are used to, think of us. We can do what you need, quickly, efficiently, with set risk and most importantly, at variable cost for your organization.
What would impose you to distract or modify your present resources structure in order to grow or improve your presence according to the globalization process; we can do it independently and without traumas.

Give us your objectives and we will design your strategy, financial, human and technical resources; the plan of action and management control at variable cost. Our greatest aptitude, commitment and responsibility in the managing of your assets and objectives is to put at your disposal great readiness and a highly sophisticated tool.

We are working people, try us!!!

Raúl Zenón
Managing Director