The ever-changing business world demands continuous adaptation of the company's rhythm to the rules that the market fixes. As economy becomes global, the companies make a great effort to advance and grow with it. Growing international competition, new and emergent technologies, economic fluctuations and the greater expectation from clients and personnel have become true challenges for managers from public as well as private sectors. Such important changes provide excellent opportunities but - at the same time- they mean difficulties, since decisions must be made quickly and with little mistake margin.

We think that the speed in the ability of answering will determine the differentiation between companies.

...A Work Group

PRAREX INT'L Ltd. is an interdisciplinary group formed by professionals who have developed specially in different fields of studies, among which we can mention: Technical and Financial Engineering, Biotechnology, Foreign Trade, the development of human resources.

The base of this group undertaking is possible because of the interrelation existing among investigation, consultation, training and development for the action. The operative, dynamic and updated approach applied to the attainment of our objectives allows a constant analysis of problems and potentialities of action which are adjusted to the fluctuating and exacting demands of the market.

Inspired in an enterprising culture, competent enough as to take risks, and to invest and work based on technological and commercial innovation, PRAREX INTíL LTD. has fixed its competitive strategy using as key instruments the set-up technological capacity, the human capital, the permanent innovation and self improvement, assimilation of knowledge and its ability to act ahead of reactions that changes cause in the context. Our philosophy recognizes that quality in services is founded on the principles of efficiency, competence and ability.

The professionals who integrate PRAREX INTíL LTD. are trained to provide qualified services to suit the specific needs of our clients, accepting market conditions and requirements over each product, and oriented to the attainment of favorable economic results. With the solid objective of maximizing our operational efficiency and excellence in taking decisions, we engage ourselves in improving continuously the ability and adaptability of human resources, intensifying information systems, optimizing the use of existing technology and developing new operational technics.