The central and prior objective of this area is to stimulate vigorously the expansion of exchange and its dynamic, progressive, quantitative and qualitative equilibrium, in large sectors and segments.

Prevailing circumstances in international markets today require specialized knowledge in Foreign Trade and updated information about different sections and countries.

Quick modernization, expansion and technological development result of strategic importance to achieve better penetration level, competence and permanence in international markets.

This area includes:

Assistance and preparation of commercial documentation in the negotiation of contracts.
Negotiations between purchasers and sellers.
Customs negotiation.
Advice on the creation of binary or multinational joint ventures.
Imports and exports services on third’s account.
IIdentification of international markets and detection of alternative markets for national products.
Implement and negotiation of payment instruments.
Search and selection of foreign technology. Advice on its transfer.
Marketing services, organization of distribution and commercialization abroad.
Promotion of engineering work in the mode of “exports contract key on hand”.
Fostering of exports of manufactured products, services and goods of decisive importance for the development of regional economies.
Market segmentation according to specialized demands.