Humanity’s food requirements have demanded a permanent expansion in quantity and quality of the products originated in farms.

Traditional agricultural practice with a high consumption of agrochemicals is quickly replaced by different technics based specially on the ecological aspect.

Extensive agricultural shows wide insecurity margins because the majority of the variables that rule production escape from human control. On the contrary, Biotechnology controls all the parameters of the final product.

This area is bound to generate concrete alternatives for Agroindustry which lead to a constant and sustained improvement in life quality of the population, generate genuine investments and prevent damage of the environment.

It includes:

Biologic control of plagues through virus: Baculovirus anticarsia.
Production of biologic pesticides of fermentative origin: Bacillus thuringiensis
Micropropagación por medio de cultivo de tejidos vegetales.
Production of biologic insecticides: Trichogramma
Production of stimulants for legumes and gramineous
Micro spreading by neans of vegetable tissues cultivation.
Control of Mediterranean fly -Fruit fly through Sterile lnsect Technic.
Production of Edible Exotic Mushrooms.
Creation of human resources and technological transfer.
Production plants “ on - hand key ”. Management of production projects for non-traditional goods