The domestic and foreign marketing developed by PRAREX INTíL LTD. obtained as result a growing tendency to commercialize public transport vehicles with no contaminating technologies motors.

Established norms in the different regions of Argentina and bordering countries imposed the configuration of a new product, made in Argentina, constructed with national raw material and imported inputs, as the motor, gearbox, axles, suspension and brakes. Assembling a tubular metallic body manufactured with the latest advances in the matter of comfort and safety for the transported passenger.

The renovation of the vehicles park in the great urban centers and the necessity ot the mover manager to obtain from the automotive terminal a complete vehicle, impelled to conjugate an integral commercialization, offering a quick and effective financing.

This area includes:

Test of the mover to get a profile according to his financing capacity.
Product configuration with the national automotive terminal..
Obtainment of financing lines suitable for the commercialization.
New markets developments.